About Lazy .Net Programmers and Microformats

Mads Kristensen is right in his article saying that WE have to wake up for the possibilities the web offers. It’s not about threats, it’s about opportunities!

I have created some Microformats in my current project. But wrongly! Why? Haven’t installed Operator toolbar for Firefox yet. Ridiculous, isn’t it. Or rather laziness.

But that’s what Mads is talking about. We’re just to lazy to look at things our end user could have benefit of. Instead we think we’re ahead others just because auf cool technologies making our live easier.

Actually I don’t think having the functionality in browsers, by add-ons or even natively, is so important. It’s more interesting to use the data in searches and mash-ups. But as soon as it got excepted, there will be a lot of spam, too.


2 thoughts on “About Lazy .Net Programmers and Microformats

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