The 20 most kicked “top-10 stories” for Developers

Top-10 stories do enjoy great popularity! Why could that be? Well, it all comes down to laziness 🙂 Someone scanned all the web and simply wrote down the best for me.

In fact those compilations – as also this one – usually are just a cross section within a small range of experience and sight. That is also the reason why you can find so many of them.

So I just searched for the most kicked top-10-stories on, and listed them up here. Enjoy!

  1. Top 10 Best Practices for Production ASP.NET Applications kick it on
    DNK: A short list of some things to pay attention to when dealing with production ASP.NET applications.
  2. 10 ASP.NET Performance and Scalability Secrets
    kick it on
    ASP.NET 2.0 has many secrets, when revealed, can give you big performance and scalability boost. A must read. But take your time and read it slowly…
  3. Dead link! Sorry. Comment if you find a mirror!
    Retaining Good Developers – 10 Things To Keep Them Happy (53 kicks)
    DNK: This is a great article. I just wish some of my previous employers would have done just a few of these things. I probably would have stuck around longer.
  4. 10 Visual Studio Shortcuts You Must Know
    kick it on
    Me: Well, I use ReSharper, so these don’t impress me that much 🙂
  5. 10 reasons why SQL Server 2008 is going to rock
    kick it on
  6. 10 reasons why I chose MySQL over MSSQL2005 Express
    kick it on
  7. 10 Podcasts Every Developer Should Listen To
    kick it on
    DNK: A list of 10 developer related podcasts, some popular and some rather obscure, ranging in topics from Agile tenets to Architecture best practices. A list I hope everyone will discover at least a few new gems to listen to.
  8. 10 Tips to improve your LINQ TO SQL Application Performance
    kick it on
    DNK: Sidar gives performance tips on developing linq 2 SQL
  9. 10 Usability Nightmares You Should Be Aware Of
    kick it on
    DNK: Usability mistakes that you will want to avoid.
  10. 10 awesome Windows Live Writer plugins for developer
    kick it on
  11. 10 Tips for a happy upgrade to Visual Studio 2008 RTM
    kick it on
    DNK: Jon Galloway puts together a nice summary for updating Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 to Visual Studio 2008 RTM. This can save you a couple of headaches if you read it before upgrading!
  12. 10 Tools Which I Left After Using VSTS 2008
    kick it on
  13. Top 10 .NET bloggers
    kick it on
  14. Top 10 JavaScript String.prototype Extensions
    kick it on
    DNK: List of top 10 JavaScript String.prototype Extensions
  15. Jacob Nielsen: Top-10 Application-Design Mistakes
    kick it on
    DNK: Application usability is enhanced when users know how to operate the UI and it guides them through the workflow. Violating common guidelines prevents both.
  16. Ten SQL Server Functions That You Hardly Use But Should edit / delete
    kick it on
  17. 10 Tools Which I Still Use, Even I Have VSTS 2008
    kick it on
  18. 10 Great Free Tools for ASP.NET Developers
    kick it on
    DNK: Ten of the most useful free tools for ASP.NET developers
  19. Dime Casts .Net – Short howto videos for .Net developers
    kick it on 
    DNK: Check out this new cool site with screencasts around 10 minutes in length. Great resource for .Net developers.
  20. .Net Threads – 10 Best Practices
    kick it on
    DNK: Back to basics series – Article talks about 10 best practices to adopt while writing multi-threaded applications

If you like them, kick ‘em, and kick me, please!

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5 thoughts on “The 20 most kicked “top-10 stories” for Developers

  1. Retaining Good Developers – 10 Things To Keep Them Happy is dead 😦 Probably should have tested your links before posting…

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