Showtime is when the impossible happens

Just yesterday I introduced Windows Workflow Foundation to the .NET User Group Dortmund (Germany). It was my first technical presentation I held in front of public audience and according to Murphys Law everything that could go wrong went wrong.

As it just has to be, many things didn’t work out how I expected them to do. My MacBook crashed, the virtual “Paralells” XP installation got “confused”, restored an old snapshot to the virtual primary disk and  resumed from what I left the last time I suspended Paralells. The last four hours work on my PowerPoint presentation were lost. Visual Studio started, but the Workflow Designer didn’t work because some dll’s could not be found on the corrupted virtual disk.

Someone borrowed me another machine, but then I did not have enough time to show a proper demo.

Although I got the message through. Be sure, I’ll make a better show next time.


2 thoughts on “Showtime is when the impossible happens

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  2. “Surt show”, as we say in danish… Better luck next time!
    You dont have a BootCamp installation? It’s working really stable for me.

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