My first two month at itemis

itemis - Software | Consulting | Coaching

In July I started working for itemis AG which recieved a series of awards (top job, land of ideas) for beeing highly innovative and for their ambition to offer a good work atmosphere to their employees.

My favorite offer is the 4+1 work schedule model which gives you one day per week for research projects, publications or the training of your choice.

I work for Michael Jendryschik, who is the director of web development at itemis. He is an known expert and book author (introduction to XHTML, CSS and Webdesign) and writes professional articles on web front-end topics.

In the first month we relaunched our own corporate website. This is kind of the kick-off for the web development division. The website is online now, and further features and more information will drop in piece by piece.

Itemis focusses on model-driven software development (MDSD) for all kind of software projects. Our next task is to bring this approach into the development of web applications, sites and portals. When developing new applications or websites we have redo too many tasks over and over again. MDSD means to identify those pieces of work and then model and generate the code instead of coding them manually.

Read more on the advantages of model driven software development here.

Itemis also offers a lot of internal trainings especially for new team members. I will blog more on what I learned so far soon.


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