Oslo CTP available!

The Oslo SDK is available for download: Oslo Developer Center

Microsoft also did a good job writing a lot of examples, documentation and tutorials about Oslo, M and MGrammar and the Oslo Repository.

M vs. MGrammar

MGrammar looks quite interesting. As I can see, M is defined using MGrammar while MGrammar itself is self-describing.

M just seems to be a general-purpose modeling DSL. This is where “building textual DSLs” comes in. When you want to define a model you can either define it with M, or create an own more specific DSL using MGrammar. MGrammar will then generate a parser and hopefully a good intellisense-enabled editor.


I’m really to tired to run all of the samples and tutorials and come up with good conclusions. But I got some screenshots 🙂

That’s what “M” looks like. Unfortunately I could not find any examples or screenshots about Quadrant, which should show the same data just graphically.



More than 300 built-in models.



The Intellipad helps writing Models with M or defining textual DSLs with MGrammar.



A part of MGrammar defined in MGrammar



A part of M defined in MGrammar



A textual DSL built with MGrammar



An instance of this DSL



More tomorrow!

It’s 01:42 am here in Germany, and I just want to sleep now 🙂


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