4 thoughts on “Visual Studio Tipp: Auto-refresh file changes

  1. I stumbled across this post in an attempt to find out why my VS does not refresh my files in the solution explorer. I turned those options on, but it still does not refresh the files.

    I have certain images in an ‘images’ folder, which I want to replace with different images entirely. I have put the new images in place, and deleted the old ones (they have different names so they wont replace one another), but somehow VS still shows those images as being where they were, and I am even able to open them from within VS!


    Any suggestions?

  2. Thanks for this tip. It does save having to reply “Yes” to the popup question about whether you want to reload the file or not.

    But for my situation the reloading happens AFTER the C# compiler has been run, so the compiler has already used the old, not-yet-modified version of the source file. See here for more details:

    Do you have any suggestion as to how I can do the automatic reload BEFORE the compile step, or otherwise change how I’m doing things to fix my problem?

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