Microsoft “Oslo” May CTP available (Including Quadrant)

The "Oslo” team has released the third CTP of Microsoft’s forthcoming modeling platform.

Some of the  changes are:

For more detailed information check out the team announcement and the release notes.

New Installer

oslo setup

Empty Quadrant Workspace

empty quadrant

Intellipad Splitting

intellipad-multisplit And yes, I’ll be blogging about my web-layout DSL 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Microsoft “Oslo” May CTP available (Including Quadrant)

  1. I’m a little concerned with the merging of M and Mg… I’m not sure how that would work exactly and what if you really don’t want M constructs at all, just a simple syntax builder?


  2. Hello Lars,

    i find your web-dsl very interesting. Can you write more about that?
    In the last time i read about oslo, i thought this is only for big architectures and automated writing of code.


  3. Hi Chris,

    i wrote the weblayout-DSL for an article wich will be published in dotnetpro in July (German). I’m not planning to blog about it in detail, before the article is out.

    Automated writing of code (code generation) for big architectures was never focus of “Oslo”, allthough I think it is definitely interesting to do so.


  4. Hi Justin,

    i think especially the merged toolset for defining a model for your’ language’s AST will be interesting. Also MGraph was not alligned for both languages. We’ll see.


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