This Site is Blocked (by RescueTime) – Win back your time!

Just today I stumbled over a awesome tool, called RescueTime. Ever wondered where your time goes?

This tool tracks the programs, websites and documents you spend your time on and gives you detailed reports on your productivity.

RescueTime comes with detailed categories for most of the sites and programs developers use these days. And where it doesn’t fit your needs, the slick interface gives you all the control you need.

These are some of the results from my couple of hours I tracked:


The interface lets you drill into all the statistics in detail. This shows the top three dialogs/documents (premium feature) I’ve spent time in while using Visual Studio.

While using Visual Studio itself is very productive (2 out of –2 to 2), I set debugging to be only productive. Renaming again, is very productive 🙂refactoring

Get Focused

Sometimes it is necessary to just focus on a single task. But then there are all kinds of distracting interruptions as a link to a great youtube on twitter, or a incoming message on facebook. For those who want to help themselves a little, the tool lets you start timed sessions where all content that is treated as very distracting will be blocked.


Win back your time

Although I used half an hour* (including this blog post) to discover the tool today – which shows, how easy it is to distract me – I’m expecting this tool to help me managing my time.

* RescueTime proved me wrong. It were 32m on RescueTime + 18m for this blog post. It did, what it promised. It brought me back 20 minutes which I else just would have thought I’d lost.


Go get it!

My overall productivity in the last hours: