PDC 2009 – Sessions I plan to attend

PDC09Bling_BeforeAfter_136 Maybe someone shares my interests, and if not, this is for my own reference 🙂

Monday 10:00 AM (Pre-Conference Workshops)

Architecting and Developing for Windows Azure

Chris Auld in Petree Hall C

Gain the skills to architect and develop real-world applications using Windows Azure. Going beyond ‘demo-ware’ we examine the theory and technical implementation of large scale elastic applications. …


Microsoft Technology Overview

Michele Leroux Bustamante in 515A

Developers have increasingly more on their minds and on their plates. Though Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft .NET Framework both provide tools that yield an overall increase in productivity …


Software in the Energy Economy 

Juval Lowy in 408A

Come learn the developer skills and expertise required to take advantage of the next boom in software – the energy economy. Understand key enabling technologies and design patterns that will prepare …

Sorry. Don’t know yet. Originally I planned to go to Michele…

Tuesday (First Conference Day)

8:30 AM – 10:30 AM:  Keynote
11:00 AM

Data Programming and Modeling for the Microsoft .NET Developer

Don Box, Chris Anderson in 403AB

Come see this code-centric talk that focuses on the advances being made in tools, languages, and frameworks that simplify how to model, consume, or produce data. Hear about the future of data …

12:30 PM

Concurrency Fuzzing & Data Races

Sebastian Burckhardt, Madan Musuvathi in 515B

Learn about two concurrency tools from Microsoft Research: "Cuzz" and "FeatherLite". Cuzz (for Concurrency Fuzzing) is a tool that significantly improves the concurrency coverage achieved with …

1:30 PM

Microsoft Application Server Technologies: Present and Future

Anil Nori in Hall F

Hear how Microsoft is evolving its application server technologies to address the challenges of building, deploying, and managing composite applications in Windows Server and Windows Azure. See how …

3:00 PM

Evolving ADO.NET Entity Framework in Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and Beyond

Shyam Pather, Chris Anderson in Petree Hall D

Come see how the ADO.NET Entity Framework enables new capabilities to leverage multiple development approaches, for example the use of code-first, model-first, and database-first. Hear how, regardless …

4:30 PM

Behavior-Driven Development vs. Test-Driven Development: What’s What?

Dennis Doomen in 309

Automated testing is a hot item these days and Microsoft is jumping on board with ASP.NET MVC and Visual Studio 2010. Test-Driven Development and Behavior-Driven Development both try to significantly …

Wednesday (Second Conference Day)

8:30 AM – 11:00 AM: Keynote
11:30 AM

Microsoft Perspectives on the Future of Programming

Butler Lampson, Erik Meijer, Don Box, Jeffrey Snover, Herb Sutter, Burton Smith in Petree Hall C

Come hear from several of the Microsoft senior technical leaders about the future of programming, programming languages, and tools.

Or. Hm. Isn’t this the future vision? Anyways.

Building Data-Driven Applications Using Microsoft Project Code Name "Quadrant" and Microsoft Project Code Name "M"

Chris Sells, Douglas Purdy in 408B on Wednesday at 11:30 AM

Come learn how to use "Quadrant" and "M", part of the Microsoft data platform, to interact with Microsoft SQL Server databases in rich new ways, including dynamic views and multi-user editing. See how …

12:00 – 01:30 Germans @ PDC 09 – Lunch

Sign up here:

1:00 PM ( I’ll be late )

Microsoft Project Code Name “M”: The Data and Modeling Language

Don Box, Jeff Pinkston in 408A on Wednesday at 1:00 PM

Come review how to use “M” to build a DSL and author data schema, then hear how we’re going to make “M” more relevant to you, the Microsoft .NET developer. Explore the future of “M” where DSL, schema, …

2:00 PM

3:15 PM

4:30 PM

Exception Management – Handling and Reporting Exceptions Effectively

Paul Sheriff in 309 on Wednesday at 4:30 PM

There are many ways to handle exceptions in .NET. What do you do to ensure that exception information is not lost? How do you report exceptions to your end-user and to your system administrator? This …


Extending the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Code Editor to Visualize Runtime Intelligence

Bill Leach, Gabriel Torok in 408B on Wednesday at 4:30 PM

Come see how PreEmptive Solutions built an editor extension for Visual Studio 2010 that provides in-line visualizations of usage and stability data collected from applications in production via …

5:30 PM – 7:00 PM: Ask The Experts
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM: GeekFest

Thursday (Third Conference Day)

8:30 AM

Optimizing for Performance with the Windows Performance Toolkit

Michael Milirud in 502A

The Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT) is constantly used by the Windows team to build an optimized Windows OS. Come and see how the Windows Performance team used the WPT throughout the Windows 7 …

10:00 AM

What’s New for Windows Communication Foundation 4

Ed Pinto in Petree Hall D

Learn about the investments made in Windows Communication Foundation 4 that add new capabilities for service composition and reduced configuration and deployment complexity. Discover how improvements …

11:30 AM

Workflow Services and “Dublin”

Mark Fussell in Petree Hall D

Learn how to use Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 4, and “Dublin” to build and manage scalable, reliable, and highly-available applications. Discover the …

12:45 PM

BOF @Lunch: Fear and Loathing in IT Security

in 309

Wherever we look we find security threats that are made out to be the end of the world as we know it. The problem is that there is a lot of wolf-crying going on in this space. Is this part of your job …

1:45 PM

Application Server Extensibility with Microsoft Project Code Name “Dublin” and Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Nicholas Allen in Petree Hall D

.NET 4 and “Dublin” provide new application hosting, tracking, and persistence capabilities. Learn the benefits of different hosting options and how to choose the right option for your scenario. Learn …

3:00 PM

Automating "Done Done" in the Team Workflows with Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate and Team Foundation Server 2010

Brian Randell, Jamie Cool in Petree Hall D

Learn how Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) 2010 automates the validation of code quality and enriches the interaction between developers and testers on a software team. Explore how the VSTS 2010 …

That’s it! I’ll be there on Friday too, so if anybody want’s too hook up during the conference or on Sunday or Friday, just email me to lars@corneliussen.de!


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