Easily install Fitnesse (or any Java App) as Windows Service / NT Service

After I had to search for this solution all to long, I thought I’d share it:

1. Download NSSM – the Non-Sucking Service Manager

Unzip the zip package you can download from their home page (http://nssm.cc/download/nssm-2.10.zip). You’ll find nssm.exe in win32 and win64; pick the one appropriate to your platform.

2. Install Fitnesse as Service

Run this from command line (adjust paths and port):

nssm install FitnesseService java –jar <path-to-jar>\fitnesse.jar –d <installation-path> –p <your port> <further-options>

If you need to retry, stop the service, then run: nssm remove FitnesseService confirm

3. Start Fitnesse Service

Run net start BmmService or start it from the service manager.

2 thoughts on “Easily install Fitnesse (or any Java App) as Windows Service / NT Service

  1. I’m using a similar configuration with nssm (calling a batch file to run a java app) but I’m not if it stops gracefully – the java process disappears almost immediately from the Task Manager after the net stop command..

  2. Hi

    I ran the command like below and when the service starts it gives me a SERVICE_PAUSED Error

    C:\Windows\system32>nssm install FitnesseService java -jar C:\FitNesse 2018\fitn
    essestandalone.jar -d C:\Fitnesse\FitnesseRoot -p 8086

    Run the start command
    C:\Windows\system32>net start FitNesseService
    The FitnesseService service is starting.
    The FitnesseService service was started successfully.

    But when I look in Service manager I see the service is Paused. and there is no way to start it when I hit resume I get the following message

    The service did not return an error. This could be an internal windows error or an internal Service Error

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