Microsoft “Oslo” May CTP available (Including Quadrant)

The "Oslo” team has released the third CTP of Microsoft’s forthcoming modeling platform.

Some of the  changes are:

For more detailed information check out the team announcement and the release notes.

New Installer

oslo setup

Empty Quadrant Workspace

empty quadrant

Intellipad Splitting

intellipad-multisplit And yes, I’ll be blogging about my web-layout DSL 🙂

kick it on


Can’t get intellipad up and running (solved)

Update: Switched off 3D-Support in the Fusion-VM-Settings. Everything works fine now.

I need to do some intellipad screenshots for my article on DSLs, but on my Parallels XP installation intellipad just crashes on every start. Great! A good reason to test Windows 7 on a VM Ware Fusion. But now, even worse, the whole VM crashes every time I startup intellipad 🙂

It just hangs as this screenshot shows. Any ideas?

Bild 7