Tortoise SVN – My global ignore pattern (C# and R#)

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read this.

I’m tired of having to recreate this over and over again so I had to make a note somewhere.

*\bin* *\obj* *.suo *.user *.bak **.ReSharper** **\_ReSharper.** StyleCop.Cache


Meanwhile I am maintaining ignore patterns for svn, git and hg here:

.git target* *\bin *\bin\* *\obj *\obj\* *.suo *.user *.bak *.ReSharper** **\_ReSharper.** **\StyleCop.Cache **\*.dotCover *.releaseBackup *.versionsBackup *.diff *.vssscc *.vspscc *.scc

Run R# tests without switching to the mouse

As I do test-driven development, I find it annoying to switch over to the Mouse every time I want to run my tests.

So I just hooked up a hotkey for running unit tests.

CTRL+ALT+T usually shows the Test Session pane – I’ve never used it, so I assigned it to:


Context_Run runs the test method your cursor is inside, or if you move out of the method it will run the whole test fixture.

CTRL+SHIFT+F6 (Switch to previous window pane) then brings the focus back to your code.

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ReSharper Code Documentation Completion

I would like R# to detect references to members, classes, parameters, generic parameters in the code documentation and either offer completion or quickfixes just to generate the necessary markup.

Just by typing "The parameter bar of type IBar..... " inside a code documentation tag R# could quickly fix it to be "The parameter <paramref name="bar"/> of type <see ref="IBar"/>...."

I would then use much more references in the documentation.

/// <summary>
/// The parameter <paramref name="bar"/> of 
/// type <see ref="IBar"/> ....
/// </summary>
void Foo(IBar bar);....


You like it? Vote for the feature request in JetBrains Jira!