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A while since I posted about articles I wrote. If you know German, this might be interesting for you 🙂

Just a short translation of the topics:

  • Deklarativ bauen: About building .NET applications declaratively with Apache NPanday + Maven.
  • Vom Patch zum Committer: About enabling a good workflow for submitting patches to SVN-based OS projects using GIT, github and GIT-SVN.
  • Quellen anzapfen: Introduction to GIT and GIT-SVN
  • Aschenputtel ausstaffieren: About creating high-quality console applications.
  • Neuigkeiten zum Resharper 5: A “news” article on the history of refactoring tool support and JetBrains newest (at that time) ReSharper version.


July 2011

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Deklarativ bauen, Maven und NPanday, dotnetpro 07/2011, Seite 30

February 2011

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Vom Patch zum Committer, Open-Source Workflow mit Git + SVN, dotnetpro 02/2011, Seite 106

January 2011

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Quellen anzapfen, EinfĂĽhrung zu Open Source, git und git-svn, dotnetpro 01/2011, Seite 84

November 2010

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Aschenputtel ausstaffieren, Konsolenprogramme, Clean Code, dotnetpro 11/2010, Seite 56

September 2010

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Die Schlange im Tigerkäfig, Ko- und Kontravarianz in C#, dotnetpro 09/2010, Seite 68

April 2010

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Neuigkeiten zum ReSharper 5, dotnetMagazin +


My .NET Development Must-have Tool List

While installing my new development VM running Windows 7 Beta on my MacBook Pro via VM Ware Fusion, I just wrote a list of the tools I installed.

For daily use


  • JetBrains dotTrace, ~ $500, Great Performance and Memory Profiler
  • nCover, from ~ $300, Code Coverage Tool for Test and Live Coverage
  • NDepend, ~ $400, Static Code Analysis for Quality
  • TD.Net, Free Personal Edition, Test-Runner with NCover support

For more tools have a look at Scott Hanselman’s Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows

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Visual Studio + R# – Color Extension Methods differently with ReSharper

When I read code, I find it really useful to see whether a method is real, or just an extension.

To do so, enable Color identifiers in ReSharper > Options > Code Inspection > Settings. Be aware, that this sets the ReSharper default colors in the first place.


Then define ReSharper Extension Method Identifier in Options > Environment > Fonts and Colors to your favorite color. I like to have them in Purple.


Have fun!

ReSharper Code Documentation Completion

I would like R# to detect references to members, classes, parameters, generic parameters in the code documentation and either offer completion or quickfixes just to generate the necessary markup.

Just by typing "The parameter bar of type IBar..... " inside a code documentation tag R# could quickly fix it to be "The parameter <paramref name="bar"/> of type <see ref="IBar"/>...."

I would then use much more references in the documentation.

/// <summary>
/// The parameter <paramref name="bar"/> of 
/// type <see ref="IBar"/> ....
/// </summary>
void Foo(IBar bar);....


You like it? Vote for the feature request in JetBrains Jira!