Tortoise SVN – My global ignore pattern (C# and R#)

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read this.

I’m tired of having to recreate this over and over again so I had to make a note somewhere.

*\bin* *\obj* *.suo *.user *.bak **.ReSharper** **\_ReSharper.** StyleCop.Cache


Meanwhile I am maintaining ignore patterns for svn, git and hg here:

.git target* *\bin *\bin\* *\obj *\obj\* *.suo *.user *.bak *.ReSharper** **\_ReSharper.** **\StyleCop.Cache **\*.dotCover *.releaseBackup *.versionsBackup *.diff *.vssscc *.vspscc *.scc

My .NET Development Must-have Tool List

While installing my new development VM running Windows 7 Beta on my MacBook Pro via VM Ware Fusion, I just wrote a list of the tools I installed.

For daily use


  • JetBrains dotTrace, ~ $500, Great Performance and Memory Profiler
  • nCover, from ~ $300, Code Coverage Tool for Test and Live Coverage
  • NDepend, ~ $400, Static Code Analysis for Quality
  • TD.Net, Free Personal Edition, Test-Runner with NCover support

For more tools have a look at Scott Hanselman’s Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows

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