Multitouch Apps

In ten years this list will be as funny, as a list of applications that support mouse input would be today.

While I work on a multitouch-enabled Silverlight client for, I’ll just maintain the list of multitouch software here. If you found other great apps, just leave a comment, or tweet to @multitouchapps.

List of Touch-enabled Software (both Games and Applications)

  • BumpTop 3D Desktop supports multitouch it’s pro version.
  • Air Hockey would be nice to have. Waiting for IdentityMine to republish it. Video
  • Fishbowl is a nice offline Facebook from Microsoft uxlabs browser.
  • Crazy Coins is an ATM that spits out money to be collected by piggy banks.
  • Firefox announced to support basic gestures in Firefox 4.
  • The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 contains of 6 applications. 
    It is available for download here
    • Microsoft Blackboard is a physics puzzle game.
    • Microsoft Garden Pond is a game where you move fish by tapping on the water.
    • Microsoft Rebound is a cool two-player ball game. Reminds of flipper.
    • Microsoft Surface Collage lets you create a collage of pictures by dragging, resizing and rotating them on a canvas. The collage can then be saved as a picture and be set as the background.
    • Microsoft Surface Globe is much like Google Earth, but with touch input.
    • Microsoft Surface Lagoon is a screensaver that lets you tap on the water to scare the fish.
  • Windows 7 has built-in support for some gestures.
    • Panning is enabled “everywhere” where scrollbars exist.
    • Paint support multi touch finger painting.
    • Hearts/Solitaire have been optimized for touch.
    • Taskbar Jump Lists by dragging the icons upwards.
    • Zoom, Rotate, Panning and Flicks in Windows Photo Viewer and XPS Viewer  and Windows Live Photo Gallery
    • On-Screen Keyboard works with multitouch.
    • Internet Explorer 8 supports basic gestures

Tablet PC

If your Multitouch Device is a Tablet PC at the same time, you may be interested in following products.


Learn about Multitouch

Black List

Software I have tried and immediately uninstalled.


Found any nice multi-touch application?

Submit it using twitter (@multitouchapps) or leave a comment.


34 thoughts on “Multitouch Apps

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  7. I wanted to ask with Art Rage the newest version is 3 and how can you draw with more than one finger at a time

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  10. One more multi-touch application is coming shortly. Did anyone thought of a text editor with multi-touch gestures? StNotepad Touch with multi-touch gestures for all text editing actions like cut, copy, paste, delete, space, backspace, enter, tab, undo, redo, select all etc… For more information visit

  11. Hey, came across this site that lists a few previously seen apps, but one new one to me.

    The new one to me was the Snowflake plugin for Win 7, which of course is limited on the preview version. Most that are usable are not bad, I am using the Touchsmart Tx2-1244CA with the N-Trig and find that games drop their objects. So some work is needed to tweak this up but overall a fairly robust assortment of apps.

    And I’m waiting for a revamp of the various touchable desktops from HP etc – since Google appropriated Bumptop this area is sadly lacking.

    Happy Holy Days, everyone

  12. Hi there, I have a Acer touch screen all in one PC and i’m looking for the following touch screen apps,

    I’m looking for a touch browser, social jogger for pc, photo gallery etc basically any good touch apps

  13. @Andrew, you can use the current (as of now) Firefox web browser and follow the directions here to enable pinch zooming. It rocks on my Acer W500.

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