beautyOfCode: jQuery Plugin for Syntax Highlighting

UPDATE: Support for Syntax Highlighter 2.0 + jQuery Listed + bitbucket Repository

The Syntaxhighlighter by Alex Gorbatchev is the best I have seen so far. As you see in this post, uses it, too.

But the required syntax is not xhtml-compliant (name on pre is forbidden).

<pre name="code" class="javascript">
  // my code

In order to enable compliant xhtml I had to rewrite a small part anyway, so I just made a small jQuery-Plugin that just uses Alex’s scripts right away (thanks Alex!).

Beautify explicitely

<pre id="myCode">
     // my code

Using beautyOfCode you don’t have to decorate your html in order to enable syntax highlighting. Just call beautifyCode on any selected pre or textarea


Beautify all

If you prefer to decorate your html and then just let the highlighter take care of the rest, you may use following notation.

<pre class="code">
  <code class="javascript">
     // my code

<pre class="code">
  <code class="css boc-nocontrols">
    body {
      font-size: 2em;

Make sure you have these few lines



Default Settings

   noGutter: false, // hide line numbers?
   addControls: true, // copy, view plain, ...
   collapse: false, // show controls with expand link
   showColumns: false, // show column numbers
   firstLine: 1 // start with another line number?

Change Settings with Javascript

  $.beautyOfCode.init('clipboard.swf', {
    // add global settings here
    firstLine: 4,
    collapse: true

  // change options per listing
  $("#myCode").beautifyCode('javascript', {
    noGutter: true

Change Settings in Element-Decoration

Settings with in the html are added as additional classes on the code-element.

<pre class="code">
  <!-- You dont have to specify default values. -->
  <code class="javascript boc-firstline&#91;3&#93;
     // my code

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Source Code

Notice: beautyOfCode is using Syntaxhighlighter. You need to link in SyntaxHighlighter.css, shCore.js and the brushes you want to use.

jQuery.beautyOfCode = {
  initialized: false,

  settings: {

    // hide line numbers?
    noGutter: false,

    // show copy, plain, ... links
    addControls: true,

    // collapse to control bar. cant be used
    // with addControls set to false
    collapse: false,

    // show column numbers
    showColumns: false,

    // start with another line number?
    firstLine: 1

  brushByAlias: {},

  init: function (clipboardSwf, settings) {
    dp.SyntaxHighlighter.ClipboardSwf = clipboardSwf;

    if (settings)
      jQuery.extend(jQuery.beautyOfCode.settings, settings);

    if (jQuery.beautyOfCode.isInitialized)

    // creates a map of each registered brush by alias
    jQuery.each(, function (i, brush) {
      var aliases = brush.Aliases;

      if(aliases == null)

      jQuery.each(aliases, function (ii, alias) {
        jQuery.beautyOfCode.brushByAlias[alias] = brush;

    jQuery.beautyOfCode.isInitialized = true;

  addCssForBrush: function (brush, highlighter) {
    if (brush.isCssInitialized)

    var headNode = $("head")[0];
    if(highlighter.Style && headNode)
      var styleNode = document.createElement('style');
      styleNode.setAttribute('type', 'text/css');

      if(styleNode.styleSheet) // for IE
        styleNode.styleSheet.cssText = highlighter.Style;
      else // for everyone else


    brush.isCssInitialized = true;

  beautifyAll: function() {
    jQuery("pre.code:has(code[class])").each(function (i, item) {

      function getOptionValue(name, list)
        var regex = new RegExp('^' + name + '\\[(\\w+)\\]$', 'gi');
        var matches = null;

        for(var i = 0; i < list.length; i++)
         if((matches = regex.exec(list[i])) != null)
          return matches[1];

        return null;

      var $item = jQuery(item);
      var $code = $item.children("code");
      var code = $code[0];

      var options = code.className.split(" ");
      var language = options[0];

      var settings = {};

      if ($code.hasClass("boc-nogutter"))
        settings.noGutter = true;

      if ($code.hasClass("boc-nocontrols"))
        settings.addControls = false;

      if ($code.hasClass("boc-showcolumns"))
        settings.showColumns = true;

      if ($code.hasClass("boc-collapse"))
        settings.collapse = true;        

      var firstLine = getOptionValue("boc-firstline", options, 1);
      if (firstLine)
        settings.firstLine = firstLine;

      $item.beautifyCode(language, settings);

jQuery.fn.beautifyCode = function (language, settings) {

  var saveLanguage = language;
  var saveSettings = settings;

  // iterate all elements
  this.each( function (i, item) {
    var $item = jQuery(item);

    var settings = jQuery.extend({}, jQuery.beautyOfCode.settings, saveSettings);

    var brush = jQuery.beautyOfCode.brushByAlias[saveLanguage];

    if (!brush)

    // instantiate brush
    highlighter = new brush();

    // set brush options
    jQuery.extend(highlighter, settings);

    jQuery.beautyOfCode.addCssForBrush(brush, highlighter);

    // IE Bug?: code in pre has to be skipped
    // in order to preserver line breaks.
    if ($"pre") && ($code = $item.children("code")))

    highlighter.source = item;