Modeling Through the Ages – More on Oslo

Update: Post-PDC: Again, what is “Oslo”? M, MGrammar, Quadrant, Repository, textual DSLs, DSL Tools, UML-Modeling (November 2008)

Just a couple of minutes ago the Session “A lap around Oslo” (Link added) began at PDC 2008 in Los Angeles. But sadly I’m sitting at home in Germany and just have to wait 24 hours to get to see the records.

But I found an really interesting Video on Channel9 with the first “Screenshots” of Quadrant I got to see so far. Enjoy it!

Another website Microsoft made on OSLO: MODELS remixed.

Modeling Through the Ages


Interview with Michele Leroux Bustamante

In my opinion the most interesting interview from MODELS remixed. Absolutely worth listening!

  • Somehow embedding videos doesn’t work here. Go on Videos on the Site MODELS remixed and then click on the fourth video.

Screenshots from Modeling Through the Ages

Bild 54Bild 56Bild 57Bild 58Bild 59

Paul Gielens:ThoughtsService

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